Monday, October 18, 2010

Soprano State Of Mind

Kese & Shortkidd Toast n Flow pics 018
Kese performing at Tony Green's Birthday Party

I almost married the streets but I called off the engagement/ still pitchin on the low on some triple A shit/2/ if u have too many runners fed set up triple plays in/ ruffle birds til they chirp to get out of cages/4/im on my job tryna pick up the wages/expectations to make it bout to give up the patients/6/cant advance skippin the basics/--/been spittin the flames since a kid in the basement/8/growin now missin the days when it was all fun, now I find friends in them pages/10/ not the one full of scores and highlights/ I'm talkin bout the one full of morgues and timelines/12/ smell what the block cookin even as a snot nose/ life change fast when u related to that john doe/14/ I tell young'ns live yo life/ u grew up under cloudy shade get yo shine/16/ too much to write about so I pen those lines/i kick dope like an ex addict, sick flow type/18/ I tried to never lay the same bimbo twice/ they call me to beat it up like kimbo slice/20/ I see the hate in yo eyes/i know u wanna grip 45's and end bro life/22/but my peeps keep the big toast tight, if I show u an xzhibit homie I aint tryna pimp yo ride/24/

2010 and Beyond Nov. 6th 2010!

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