Saturday, January 30, 2010

Smart Money Radio episode 3

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Smart Money Radio episode 3

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3rd installment of Smart Money Radio feat. Kese Soprano, Nyce Hoffa, Tony Green, Coulter, Macado & Yong 3rd

1. Kese Soprano feat. Coulter - Dungeons Of Rap (Prod. by Catalyst)(unfinished)
2. Shake-A-City feat. Kese Soprano - Cypher Zone
3. Meetin Wit Tha Bosses feat. Shake-A-City (Prod. by Kese Soprano)
4. Kese Soprano - Nasty Girl
5. Kese Soprano - Rock Star (Prod. by Jack Nickelz)
6. Kese Soprano - Grind Music (Prod. by Skullz)
7. Tony Green & Kese Soprano aka Menendez Bros - One More Thing (Prod. by DJ 3am)
8. Wrong Onez - Where da Party At
9. Macado feat. Yong 3rd & Kese Soprano - I Deed It (Prod. by Macado)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kese Soprano feat. Shakeacity - Meetin Wit Tha Bosses

New track  I produced featuring LA's Shakeacity

Kese Soprano feat. Shake A City - Meetin Wit Tha Bosses (Prod. by Kese Soprano)

Kese Soprano - Just Gettin Started (Never End) Prod. by Nabs

This is a track I made with the homie Nabs, the moral of the track is I am not done with music, in fact I am just getting started on what I am trying to do.. like the Black Eyed Peas said "Energy. Never. Dies."

check it out

pics of KESE at the Blvd in Elmwood 018

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kese Soprano Presents: Smart Money Radio episode 1

Kese Soprano Presents: Smart Money Radio

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First installment of Smart Money Radio hosted by Smart Money's own Kese Soprano and Nyce Hoffa aka Wrong Onez. We started this with a lil Wrong Onez Movie! check it out! Smart Money Records 2010


1. Dope Boy Fresh
2. You Already Know
3. Wrong Onez Reloaded
4. You're da Man
5. Shit Is Real (Prod. by Kese Soprano)
6. Rags 2 Riches (Prod. Sinima)
7. 6 A.M. (Prod. by SO I AM)
8. Where da Party At snippet
9. Ride Wit Me (Prod. by Kese Soprano)
10.Work It (feat. Coulter) (Prod. by Jack Nickelz)