Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kese Soprano IS DEAD..... welcome Marquis Anthony

Marquis Anthony is the name that my mother gave me. My music should be introduced under such. Kese Soprano is DEAD

Marquis Anthony Bio

CHANGE (chAnj) v., 1. To make differ, alter, modify, adjust, transmit, convert, and/or evolve v. i., 2. To turn into something different, vary, a substitution, to enter upon a new phase v.i., 3. Something new with variety and diversity v.n ., 4. Every action, event, and occurrence that has collectively and ultimately molded rapper/songwriter Marquis Anthony.

Change was something that Marquis Anthony formerly known as Kese Soprano had to get used to at a young age. Growing up in Paterson, New Jersey, Marquis started with a curious and very mischievous attitude which often got him into tight situations. As a youngster, because of his temper issues, he had to ultimately be transferred into different learning disability programs in public school. Due to his mother's situation, Marquis faced his first major change, in moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe it was fate though, as it was here, he began writing daily. His influences were Wu-Tang Clan, 2pac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Redman, Big Pun, and Big L.

Moving back to New Jersey, Marquis began to take writing lyrics seriously; always diverse enough to rhyme about anything relevant in his life. From his love for sports, to girls, to the surrounding violence, to his family situation - the subject matter would change often, but his lyrical ability was always strongly present. Change is something that has followed him his whole life, something he can accept. And because he can’t stop change, it isn't something he fears. Proclaimed by Lady Luck as "an illmatic MC", the Paterson, NJ lyricist is ready to give hip hop the change it needs and has begun to do just that by joining the diverse group "2011 Underground Music Award Winner LiveViaSatellite". Not only did this group create its own genre, combining HipHop, R&B, and Alternative, but they have begun to take their music to a “whole new level” so to speak. This is just the beginning…

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kese - Ovation (Prod. by Jae Marley)

Kese aka Kese Soprano track "Ovation"Produced by Jae Marley featured on The Coli's "Black Friday" Mixtape Courtesy of

Ke$e - It's On Deck (Prod. by Ke$e)

Kese - It's On Deck 
**Featured on DJ NYCE - THE TAKEOVER pt. 87 & The-Coli - Black Friday Mixtape**

Zar Da Merciles & Kese - Sound Bwoy Bureill Freestyle

Zar Da Merciles ft. Kese - Sound Bwoy Bureill Freestyle

The Coli - Black Friday Mixtape

The Coli - Black Friday hosted by @DaNamelessPimp Featuring Artists: El Gunna, AddThis, Buddhamang, Day Crescendo, Walls, Shuttlesworth, Dark Prince, Ke$e aka Kese Soprano, Nyce Hoffa Featuring Producers: Sincere Noble, Jae Marley, Zone Out Musik, Mr Hazzy, Bruh Man 5th Flo, Tom Foolery, Corey Todd, Ke$e aka Kese Soprano, Michael White, Jam Beats and MIO

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kese Soprano - In Da South

Kese Soprano - In Da South

Kese Soprano - Black & Yellow Freestyle

Kese Soprano - Black & Yellow Freestyle

Kese Soprano - Losin Their Mind

Kese Soprano - Losin Their Mind

Kese Soprano - Loyalty

Kese Soprano - Loyalty

Kese Soprano - Bout It, Bout It

Kese Soprano - Bout It, Bout It

Kese Soprano - I Just Wanna Be (Prod. by Nabs)

Kese Soprano - I Just Wanna Be

Kese Soprano - Too Deep

Kese Soprano - Too Deep

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Zar da Merciles Nominated For Song Of The Year At 2012 Underground Music Awards!

Congratulations to Zar da Merciles for being nominated for Song Of The Year at the 2012 Underground Music Awards. Zar da Merciles is a two-time UMA winner.
Zar da Merciles - Chasing The Dream

Kese Soprano's Group "Tha Wrong Onez" Nominated For Best Rap Group Of The Year At 2012 Underground Music Awards

Wrong Onez (Kese Soprano and Nyce Hoffa) Rap duo from Paterson, NJ Nominated for Best Rap Group Of The Year at 2012 Underground Music Awards. 2nd year in a row Kese Soprano and Nyce Hoffa are apart of the UMA's last year was with winner LiveViaSatellite. 

We Gon Get It (Prod by Rikky Bilbao) by WrongOnez
Wrong Onez - Bout That Time (feat. WitZ) (Prod. by Kese Soprano) by WrongOnez Zar da Merciles ft. Wrong Onez - Summer In The City by WrongOnez

Special shout out to Jesse "Jesse Jess" Atkinson for acknowledging our hard work and dedication

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wrong Onez - The Wright Bros. Mixtape (Mixtape Factory)

LVS/SME/SMBMG members Wrong Onez (Kese Soprano & Nyce Hoffa) rap duo from Paterson, NJ drops a fire mixtape for the world. featuring SMBMG's Zar da Merciles, Kid Ick LiveViaSatellite's own Cuban XL, WitZ & Team No Respect, Jenn Rios and Phoenix, AZ MC/Songwriter Coulter. Production by J. Preston, Nabs, Team No Respect, Kese Soprano and Rikky Bilbao.
The Wright Bros. Mixtape

download sendspace link

Monday, April 9, 2012

Kese Soprano With Nyce Hoffa And Zar da Merciles @ The Kingz Of Mayhem Event Sponsored By ItzBmRadio

Harrison, NJ
itzbmradio's Kingz of Mayhem was in full effect last Saturday night at the Cantina in Harrison, NJ. Self Made Boss & LiveViaSatellite's Own "Tha WrongOnez" (Kese Soprano & Nyce Hoffa) performed and hyped the crowd, also Zar da Merciles performed his hit "Chasing a Dream" produced by Steve Sola. Both acts made it to the winner's circle at the end of the night. Self Made Boss Records and HaTertainment's HaTer performed as well as Keef Gee who came with an impressive set of his own.
Tha WrongOnez "The Wright Brother's Mixtape" Coming Soon