Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kese Soprano - In Tha Zone (Feat. LQ7)

Here it is

 Kese Soprano 042

Kese Soprano Mixing In Tha Zone featuring LQ7

Kese Soprano 008
Ya boy at it mixin' "In Tha Zone" featuring me and LQ7 reppin Newark to tha fullest! Brick City and Silk City on tha track. This won't be the last of us collaborating. LQ7 produces too and he showed me some heat rocks
Kese Soprano mixing down In Tha Zone with LQ7
Kese Soprano mixing down In Tha Zone with LQ7 2
Kese Soprano mixing down In Tha Zone with LQ7 3
Kese Soprano mixing down In Tha Zone with LQ7 4

Kese Soprano Workin Late Night

Kese Soprano Workin Late Night from Soprano da Don on Vimeo.
Kese Soprano Working Late Night on In Tha Zone featuring LQ7 from Newark, NJ

Kese Soprano and LQ7

 Kese Soprano 027

What's good ya'll. Lately as you know I've been working hard on my project with J Preston. We just came up with a title this past week, looks like J and I are going to go with "2010 & Beyond". It sounds perfect especially with the futuristic sound J and I are working with. BE on the look out! I also did a new track with my dude LQ7 from Newark, NJ. Yeah, Jersey is definitely in the buildin' ya digg?? He is a producer slash emcee, talented cat! The track is called "In Tha Zone" and it's produced by ya boy Kese Soprano aka Soprano da Don. You already know. I'll put it out as soon as it's ready.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Does Kese Soprano have what it takes?

Kese Soprano 008

Having what it takes, some people just don't have it, and it shows in the way they maneuver with their music. A lot of people say they want to be on and rock the mic but not many people want to put in that blood, sweat and tears. I've never had that problem, I've always went in 100% and I am going to continue to do so until I reach my goal. I've seen promise after promise broken, that's why I rather put it in my own hands, so lately I've been doing the research to make sure I can do this the right way, the fly way. Holla!

- Kese Soprano

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kese Soprano - Take Control feat. Ensilence (Produced by Nabs)

New track I did wit female dope emcee!!! Ensilence from out of PA.
Produced by Nabs! when I wrote my verse and hook I already knew I wanted her on the track!

check it out

 Kese Soprano 043 2

Valentine's Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day, you already know I did lol

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kese Soprano - Ok, Your Right Freestyle

A lil somethin to let ya'll know I'm comin


Kese Soprano - It Takes Alot

Kese Soprano 005 2
Another one of the Sinima beats, he used the Imogen Heap "Have You Got It In You" song as the sample and GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! One of my favorite beats ever made and it samples one of my favorite artists in the world, wow.. can't go wrong at all..
If you listen you can tell I was going through alot of mess 

check it out 


Kese Soprano - My Life Is A Movie (Prod. by Sinima)

This is a track I did over one of the Sinima beats... that kid is a beast, definitely a fan of him. 
I just incorporated a few things I was going through at the time and put in a few movie metaphors to go with the track! Check it out

Kese Soprano 046 


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

still rockin

Currently writing to a few J. Preston tracks for our upcoming project.
Got a few bangers in the blackberry right now.

Stay tuned..

Biggie of my city

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kese Soprano - Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Prod. by Skullz)

Unreleased track I did with Skullz, I have so many unreleased with him.

Kese bday in A.C pt1

What is Kese Soprano currently up to


What's good ya'll, I know a lot of you guys are wondering what is the next step for me... well besides keep putting out the music you enjoy, I am working on a project with Minnesota producer J. Preston, and some of the songs we have are BANANAS!! This will be some of my greatest work to date and I can't wait until it drops on ya'll heads! I'ma keep doing the Smart Money Radio podcasts of course, get more artists involved. So there you have it, the project with J. Preston does not have a name yet but when we come up with one I will definitely let everyone know. In February I will also be getting married!!! So I am preparing for my big day! Peace

- Kese Soprano