Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tracklisting for Kese Soprano's 2010 and Beyond

2010 and Beyond Album Cover
Here is the confirmed tracklisting for 2010 and Beyond available November 6th, 2010. A week from today

3.In Ur System
4.We Rockin (feat. Fernanda Franco)
6.Lose Control
7.Just Fly
8.Come Home Wit Me
9.Sex Tape
10.No Looking Back (feat. Coulter)
11.All Or Nothing
12.High Definition
13.It's a New Day
14.Same Ol Me (feat. ASAP & Nyne Livez)
15.Meal Ticket
16.Why (feat. Fernanda Franco)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Soprano State Of Mind

Kese & Shortkidd Toast n Flow pics 018
Kese performing at Tony Green's Birthday Party

I almost married the streets but I called off the engagement/ still pitchin on the low on some triple A shit/2/ if u have too many runners fed set up triple plays in/ ruffle birds til they chirp to get out of cages/4/im on my job tryna pick up the wages/expectations to make it bout to give up the patients/6/cant advance skippin the basics/--/been spittin the flames since a kid in the basement/8/growin now missin the days when it was all fun, now I find friends in them pages/10/ not the one full of scores and highlights/ I'm talkin bout the one full of morgues and timelines/12/ smell what the block cookin even as a snot nose/ life change fast when u related to that john doe/14/ I tell young'ns live yo life/ u grew up under cloudy shade get yo shine/16/ too much to write about so I pen those lines/i kick dope like an ex addict, sick flow type/18/ I tried to never lay the same bimbo twice/ they call me to beat it up like kimbo slice/20/ I see the hate in yo eyes/i know u wanna grip 45's and end bro life/22/but my peeps keep the big toast tight, if I show u an xzhibit homie I aint tryna pimp yo ride/24/

2010 and Beyond Nov. 6th 2010!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kid Ickarist feat. Scoul and Kese Soprano @ Rich Place

Kese O's hat

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Kid Ickarist feat. Scoul and @KeseSoprano - Galaxy Funk live at Rich Place @ITZBMRADIO

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KiD ICKarist feat. Scoul & Kese Soprano - Galaxy Funk mp3

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 and Beyond Release Date

Word is it will be dropping on November 6th, 2010



Kese Soprano Pad & Pen

Stay tuned...

Kese Soprano Live @ Rich Place October, 14th 2010

Kese Soprano pic 74
Whats good ya'll?? come check me out live at Rich Place 18 Oliver St. Newark, NJ Thursday. October 14th 2010 i'll be performing and my homies from Wetlands Scoul & Kid Ickarist will be performing as well.

come on out

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kese Soprano - I See U (Prod. by Nabs)

new joint!
Kese & Shortkidd Toast n Flow pics 019
Kese Soprano @ Toast n Flow, Danbury, CT

Just a thought

Back on my shit on Twitpic

Been gone for a while but I'm back at it and on my old grind, especially lyrically. My cousin Trevor Dennison passed a little over a month ago. We used to be tight, looked liked twins honestly! So this rap shit I dedicate to him now! Ima make it happen for you playboy!

@KeseSoprano and my cuz Trev aka @DoesMei R.I.P. My twin. I d... on Twitpic
R.I.P. Trevor Dennison 12/31/1981 - 8/20/2010

Kese Soprano and FAM RECORDS

"Questa è la Famiglia"

Kese Soprano - Run This Town Freestyle

Kese Soprano at Lady Luck's video shoot
 a lil something to hold ya'll over