Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kese - Ovation (Prod. by Jae Marley)

Kese aka Kese Soprano track "Ovation"Produced by Jae Marley featured on The Coli's "Black Friday" Mixtape Courtesy of

Ke$e - It's On Deck (Prod. by Ke$e)

Kese - It's On Deck 
**Featured on DJ NYCE - THE TAKEOVER pt. 87 & The-Coli - Black Friday Mixtape**

Zar Da Merciles & Kese - Sound Bwoy Bureill Freestyle

Zar Da Merciles ft. Kese - Sound Bwoy Bureill Freestyle

The Coli - Black Friday Mixtape

The Coli - Black Friday hosted by @DaNamelessPimp Featuring Artists: El Gunna, AddThis, Buddhamang, Day Crescendo, Walls, Shuttlesworth, Dark Prince, Ke$e aka Kese Soprano, Nyce Hoffa Featuring Producers: Sincere Noble, Jae Marley, Zone Out Musik, Mr Hazzy, Bruh Man 5th Flo, Tom Foolery, Corey Todd, Ke$e aka Kese Soprano, Michael White, Jam Beats and MIO