Friday, April 22, 2011

Kese Soprano and Macado makin' FIRE!

West Coast Producer Macado
Ya boy ₭€$€ Soprano laid down some fire with the homie Macado today. Can't wait until ya'll hear it. Ke$e Soprano is an army.. better yet a Navy
Kese Soprano

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kese Soprano - Pens & Pads EP (04/18/11) (

Here's a pretty hype EP titled "Pens & Pads" from Ke$e Soprano as he rocks over DJ Teknik's beats. Track list and download link after the jump.

1. By The Rules (Prod. by DJ Teknik)
2. Mr. Happy (Prod. by DJ Teknik)
3. The Life (Prod. by DJ Teknik)
4. Can't Lose (Feat. Ensilence) (Prod. by DJ Teknik)
5. Push N Peddle (Prod. by DJ Teknik)
6. I'm Just Doin My Job (Feat. Nyce Hoffa) (Prod. by DJ Teknik)
7. My People Are Poor (Prod. by DJ Teknik)
8. By The Rules (Sing The Hook) (Prod. by DJ Teknik) (BONUS)
9. We Don't Play (Prod. by DJ Teknik) (BONUS)


Wrong Onez, Team No Respect, Cuban XL @ Wrong Onez Studios

Nyce Hoffa, Seitaro, Witz, Cuban XL And Kese Soprano In The Studio Once Again from Soprano da Don on Vimeo.

Nyce Hoffa, Seitaro, Witz, Cuban XL And Kese Soprano In The Studio Once Again making more bangers. Workin' hard!

Lil Wayne - John (feat. Rick Ross)

The DOTR Presents: Lil Wayne - John Ft Rick Ross (Music Video) from The DOTR on Vimeo.

this shit is hot!

Kese Soprano - I'm Just Doin My Job (feat. Nyce Hoffa) **Off Of Pens & Pads EP**

Monday, April 11, 2011

Be on the looking out for my new EP entitled "Pens & Pads" coming soon produced by DJ Teknik. We went for the RAW Hip Hop sound on this one, straight basement status to show ya'll I got whatever you need when it comes to the "Pens & Pads" ya dig?

Mixing These Tracks

I'm up mixing these tracks me (@KeseSoprano), Nyce Hoffa, Witz, Cuban XL, Seitaro and 55 worked on this weekend, so far so good.

Wrong Onez - Verbal Intercourse

Friday, April 8, 2011

Who is Kese Soprano??

Kese Soprano

CHANGE (chAnj) v., 1. To make differ, alter, modify, adjust, transmit, convert, and/or evolve v. i., 2. To turn into something different, vary, a substitution, to enter upon a new phase v.i., 3. Something new with variety and diversity v.n ., 4. Every action, event, and occurrence that has collectively and ultimately molded rapper/songwriter Kese Soprano. Change was something that Kese Soprano had to get used to at a young age. Growing up in Paterson, New Jersey Kese started with a curious and very mischievous attitude which often got him into tight situations. As a youngster, because of his temper issues, he had to ultimately be transferred into different learning disability programs in public school. Due to his mother's situation, Kese faced his first major change, in moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe it was fate though, as it was here, he began writing daily. His influences were Wu-Tang Clan, 2pac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Redman, Big Pun, and Big L. Moving back to New Jersey, Kese began to take writing lyrics seriously. Always diverse enough to rhyme about anything relevant in his life. From his love for sports, to girls, to the surrounding violence, to his family situation - the subject matter would change often, but his lyrical ability was always strongly present. Change is something that has followed him his whole life, something he can accept. And because he cant stop change, it isnt something he fears. Proclaimed by Lady Luck as "an illmatic MC", the Paterson, NJ lyricist is ready to give hip hop the change it needs.