Saturday, July 11, 2009

Illson The Immortill 7-10-09 Live Show

What's good everybody, last night I went to a show of a good friend of mine Illson the Immortill. and let me tell you he put on a hell of a show, him and U-fo did their thing and so did the opening act The Looperz which consists of my main men Tony Green aka DJ 3am, Special K and Lou aka Soulman Louse who did his thing on the live bass last night! I had a great time, clearly so did the rest of the people who showed up in support of Illson!

It was great but it would be greater to hear from the man himself, Illson!

courtesy of U-nstoppab-ill blog

"U-fol is in the bathroom right now puking his fucking brains out having how own lil after party in my bathroom from partying a lil to hard at the illson the imortill show lol.

long story short, we tore the fuckin roof down. Tony Green DJ'd from the time the doors opened till the time of Tha Looperz set. people i honestly didnt expect to come, came. Including the one and only Kese Soprano who also has a blog on here (and more tracks that Nj transit and Amtrack combined) who is a VERY well known MC in MANY fields. Hes a good friend of mine since the 90s, and having him their showed that he supports this movement. Good looks on comin kese,

Tha Looperz Performed and did their thing with a live bass and instrumentals, completely being innovative and orginal, right down to their closing song which louse and tony green performed just guitar and tony on vocals, in a song that was slow and mellow, and a great one at that to end their set on.

Then came the one, the only....illson the imortill set.

Illson (me lol) opened up his set with "The beat goes boom" and when combined with his lighting rig up, made an awesome impact for a first song. the crowd went nuts with approval in applause and roaring as U-fol ran around being a drunken fool, little did they know, it wasnt even the begining of his antics. Illson brought tony green out from his djing position, and had him come on stage to do their song titled "Wet" which is a dance jam for you to boogey down on....which the crowd promplty proceeded to do. People danced and danced until the song was over. After that song illson did another and promptly proceeded to bring out his special guest a VERY VERY drunk u-fol.

U-nstoppab-ill formed on stage, and U-fol fucked up HARD lol. nobody could tell cause illson was rapping both his and ufols lyrics to cover up the mistake, but in the middle of the song "friday night" ufol proceeded to start off with the bridge instead of his verse, thus throwing the song off just a tad bit, but illson came back and improvised the situation and made it so the song carried out correctly as possible, but still fucked up lol

(for the record, i aint mad at ufol, shit was wack but funny as hell. the hall owner promptly told him how on sundays they have AA meetings so maybe hell get his shit straight lol)

After ufols drunk ass left the stage, illson continued on with his set till he closed it out with "Here I Am" and promptly had to do it TWICE because the crowd wanted more and the Dj hit replay. He rocked out one more time just for the fuck of it. After his set was over, we had some extra time so we let kese hit the stage doing his song "rock star" which is fucking awesome and you should ALL peep over at his blogspot.

All in All, a LOT of people i didnt expect to show up, showed up and showed Illson the Imortill mad love. In this music game, idk whos real and fake when they say they like my shit, but i can tell you this, the list gets real when you throw a show. small time show? totally, maybe 25-30 people showed up but it didnt matter, they fuckin rocked out and had a great time going wild with u-fol ryling the crowd up like no other. Speaking of which, hes no longer puking in my bathroom anymore. Now hes passin out on my couch, hes like my guy on the couch. All in all, this was a great show even with u-fol fucking up cause he was drunk. it was just a sign he was having a good time, althought perhaps to much of one lol.

See you at the next show in August, peace out peoples. thanks for coming if you did and if you didnt, you missed out! Peep that shit on youtube when we load up the vids, way to beat from the show to chop and post them up. peace"

-Illson the Imortill

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