Friday, May 8, 2009

NEW Kese Soprano podcast 5th episode, 1st of 09

Kese Soprano's podcast 5th episode 1st of 09

Download this episode (22 min)
Kese Soprano podcast/mini mixtape


1. Wrong Onez - Rags 2 Riches (Prod. by Sinima)
2. Wrong Onez - Fly as Me (Prod. by Kese Soprano)
3. Kese Soprano - Get What's Mine (Prod. by illwitdeez)
4. Kese Soprano - Sticks & Stones (Prod. by J. Preston)
5. Kese Soprano - This Is What I Do (Prod. by Jack Nickelz)
6. Wrong Onez - Crime Payz (Prod. by Kese Soprano)

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