Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just a Thought

When I write, I don't really structure too much or overthink, I normally let it flow so I get exactly what I wanted to say on paper. For a while, I WAS overthinking and trying not to offend anyone and sort of been passive, that's not me at all.... I like to let everything out. I was listening to my songs and I realized that my music hasn't really shown how angry I really am... I tried to get away from that side but its a part of me. I need the darkside of me in order to be on the lightside in real life, if I am on the lightside with my music, then my darkside becomes my life. I've gotten once before, "I don't think thats you" well I'm sorry you don't really know me.

"Fuck all your feelings this time, you feel offended? guess what!
I felt offended my whole life so FUCK YOU" - Kese Soprano - More Or Less freestyle 04'

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