Thursday, August 7, 2008

NEW Kese Soprano Podcast!!!!

Kese Soprano's Podcast 4th Episode

Download this episode (26 min)
Kese Soprano is back with another mini mixtape full of exclusives.
shout out to Cash & Khaled,Seige,Jack Nickelz,Macado,DJ Teknik, Bleek Beats, Joey Bags and the rest of Beat Club.
Also much love to Hood!

1. Kese Soprano - Yeah (Prod. By Cash & Khaled)

2. Kese Soprano - Been Focused (Prod. By Jack Nickelz)

3. Kese Soprano & Psycho (U.G.A.) - Fresher Than (Prod. By Keep Bangin' Productions)

4. Kese Soprano - The Real Hood Hop (Prod. Macado)(Scratches By DJ Teknik)

5. Kese Soprano & Psycho (U.G.A.) Vibe Wit Us (Prod. By Jack Nickelz)

6. Kese Soprano,Nyce Hoffa,Psycho - Coming Of Age freestyle

7. Kese Soprano - Lord Give Us The Strength (Prod. By Seige)

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