Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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New Jersey’s Finest “Kese Soprano”

Kese Soprano

The “Abstract” Kese Soprano check out his new single “Yeah”

My American Boy…Jersey Style

You know when you read “Soprano” attached to anything these days, you think of the quality and the show “The Soprano’s”. With that said I want to be the first or one of the first to introduce to the mainstream “Kese Soprano“. He is the first of a series presented here of Elite 1 Entertainment’s Artist of the Month. This will grow into a annual yearly, voted on by the online community “Artist of the Year” in different categories. Let’s get with the man, the artists known as Kese Soprano. Not only a great artists, and one who can be recognized to bring the east back to prominence, but a humble person and one who is a hard worker. Kese is also a producer, beat maker and yes from New Jersey. Quite a balancing act and yet he does it and does it well. His lyrics and beats are what represents the best about what we all love about East Coast music, the beats and the lyrics fueled by “real life“. What makes a person a fan of the gone-by days of Wu-Tang (Cream), DMX?, Nas (Illmatic) and Biggie? Kese got it, has it and BRINGS IT. His myspace rotates and keeps the online community knowledgable of what he is currently working on and who he is working with. The network of artists and business he deals with is extensitve. He is the only artists I know that can boast of working with Lady Luck too Cash & Khaled to a serious presence on SOHH (before the hack) One of the few posters who could actually have his music on The Forum. He is busy and business orientated. Kese recently lost a close person to him and created a song that is his “Song Cry“. There is so much more I can say about “OUR ARTIST OF THE MONTHKESE SOPRANO. I will let his myspace say it better for me. Look for in the upcoming months audio of live interviews of Kese and his process and how he views mainstream, underground and the future of New Jersey’s rap scene, the future of the East Coast and if they will ever have dominance again.

Looking for a “New Underground Artists” that you can ride too, listen too, sing along with, and who is speaking your language, the Youth’s language. Look no further than my man Kese Soprano.

Be Looking out for the new single produced by Cash & Khaled called “Yeah

Check out his myspace/kesesoprano

We do stay d.o.i.n it Movin Mayne…The Elite 1 Network…T’Anne…The Elite 1-One…Holla

Tomorrow look for experts from my one on one interview today with the Great West Coast Producer “Easki”


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