Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kese Soprano's train of thought

"I'm like Jeter at the plate, I don't swing for the fence/ take da pitch, make da hit, stay wit my niche/ fuck chasin a trend, son I'm playin to win payin attention to the fakers who flip/ watch em fade to the brink of being behind the curve/ I rather give em the real tell em to watch n learn/speakin to those in desperate need of some honest words/ I do it for the emotionally disturbed/ hoping to see a turn in life, I feed the hurt/ healing is deserved, others don't seem concerned/ brothers proceed to burn the green to feed the nerves/ dippin the D's workin the curb to keep an earning/while hurting to see it work, living off quarter waters/ 50 cent honey buns still a quarter short of/.. Puttin something in ya stomach, nothin for lunch, once again got you on da verge of flippin and sayin fuck it/grippin an 8 and tuck it, whip it in shape to buck it/ run up on sucka you hunted and tell em RUN IT/ I'm, spittin for the women givin ass/ just to get some similac, daddy need a missing ad/ and I'm da voice of the kid wit a missing dad/ never knew he called but momma picked a different cat/, forced em on like this is dad, yeah da shit is wack/biological missin cuz mom pushed em back/ its a beautiful struggle thru n thru/ longest conversation wit daddy was at his Funeral/ can you tell me what that life like??/ my source is XXL so this is 5 mics/surrounded by demons wonder what Christ like/ did so many devilish things I might fry/ this is reality low salary got us movin them pounds like a diet wit low calories"

Kese Soprano

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