Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kese Soprano On Stilltown Volume 3 (Mixtape)

"Courtesy of www.the9elements.com"


Shout out to the good folks @the9elements.com

This installment of the Stilltown compilation mix series features more than 50 artists from Pittsburgh, PA, as well as contributions by artists out of Toronto (Fundamental), Canada (Rel!g!on), Columbus (Dominique Larue), Washington D.C. (Akzionz, G5 Clive), Virginia (Antagonist, Bobby Blunt), New Jersey (Hasan Salaam, Kese Soprano), Fresno (Planet Asia), Seattle (Apostropheus), Los Angeles (MC Futuristic), Germany (Czientist), British Columbia (Ulliversal), and Atlanta (Nova). All but a few of the tracks feature original lyrics and instrumentals. All music featured on this compilation is new.

Track list and download link below.

Also shout out Stilltown Entertainment
http://stilltown.blogspot.com and my homegirl Ensilence!

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