Monday, March 15, 2010

Kese Soprano: Just a thought

In life you may meet people who say they are down for you, just to find out all of these years they really weren't. You may find out that you were there to be used, the sad thing is it can be a family member you love dearly, sometimes you have to back up when they show you their real side, you find out they were being phony with you all along and playing mind games with you just to keep you in check which can make you feel enslaved. I finally see that a family member of mine did not have my best interest and it's sad to say especially when I had the best interest for them. Misery LOVES company but I snapped out of it I will NOT be joining that party. Time to live for me and do ME! You can only keep a good man down for so long. LET'S GO!!!


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