Saturday, January 30, 2010

Smart Money Radio episode 3

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Smart Money Radio episode 3

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3rd installment of Smart Money Radio feat. Kese Soprano, Nyce Hoffa, Tony Green, Coulter, Macado & Yong 3rd

1. Kese Soprano feat. Coulter - Dungeons Of Rap (Prod. by Catalyst)(unfinished)
2. Shake-A-City feat. Kese Soprano - Cypher Zone
3. Meetin Wit Tha Bosses feat. Shake-A-City (Prod. by Kese Soprano)
4. Kese Soprano - Nasty Girl
5. Kese Soprano - Rock Star (Prod. by Jack Nickelz)
6. Kese Soprano - Grind Music (Prod. by Skullz)
7. Tony Green & Kese Soprano aka Menendez Bros - One More Thing (Prod. by DJ 3am)
8. Wrong Onez - Where da Party At
9. Macado feat. Yong 3rd & Kese Soprano - I Deed It (Prod. by Macado)

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