Sunday, September 6, 2009


"Take a listen to the man who claims to keep hip-hop alive during its last dying days. An Emcee out of Paterson NJ, by the name of Kese Soprano takes the job to "Put the game on Life Support" alongside with the Young DJ Me$$iah and DJ Shortkidd they were set to reach this unachievable task through good music and excellent lyricism. Listen and you be the critic "Do you think Kese Soprano is what hip-hop needs?"

1- Life Support Intro
2- The One (Produced by Skullz)
3- Thank God For The Mic (Scratched By DJ Teknik)
4- Get What's Mine (Produced by illwitdezz)
5- Fresher Than A MuthaF*cka
6- Call 4 Help (Produced by Sinima)
7- Sit Cha Ass Down (Produced by Cash & Khaled)
8- Yeah (Produced by Cash & Khaled)
9- We Stay On The Grind Ft KuRRent [ Exclusive]
10- Back 2 Business Ft Shortkidd (Produced by Sinima) [MixGrind Exclusive]
11- U Know What It Iz (Produced by Skullz)
12- Money Talks (Produced by Skullz)
13- Tha Mobb
14- Black Sopranos Ft Skullz (Produced by Skullz)
15- Hip-Hop's Future Freestyle
16- Jerzey Boys Ft Nyce Hoffa (Smart Money Ent) (Scratched By DJ Teknik)
17- Tag Team Ft Shortkidd [ Exclusive]
18- Boxin Hand Ft Psycho [U.G.A.]
19- Vibe Wit Us Ft Psycho [U.G.A] (Produced By Jack Nickelz)
20- Kick In The Door Freestyle
21- Telepathy Ft Shortkidd [ Exclusive]
22- It's a Threat Ft Psycho [U.G.A.]
23- Cannon Freestyle
24- The Diary Of A Mad Man (Produced by EmotionL)
25- Can't Get Enough (Produced by EmotionL)
26- Lord Give Us The Strength [R.I.P Nicole Ganguzza] (Produced by Seige)
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