Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jack Nickelz Presents: Kese Soprano in the Mighty Flow Young


"Mighty Flow Young is a raw hip hop project with wide variations of topics lyrically with a perfect match production soundscape." This is how the NJ bred Emcee, Kese Soprano feels about his current release with CT Producer, Jack Nickelz. "I gotta agree with Kese, this is a throwback to a time were you used to enjoy listening to a whole album without having to fast forward through songs. There are no fillers in this joint right here." This is why Jack feels that this project could really put the NJ emcee on the map. You can hear how much of a labor of love this was as the Kese talks about some of the tracks on the project."This Is What I Do I would say was definitely sparked by the Joe Pesci sample in the beginning of the track, It felt perfect to let people know how much I put into these songs I come up with on this track. It's basically me telling the listener I have the musical fix you need." "Been Focused, the sample put me in a trance, and that's how I came up with Been Focused. I am focused on my goal and no one can stop that." "Gotta Have Faith is basically a page out of my everyday life dealing with the stress surrounding me. This is me telling myself I can't quit on life now. I gotta have faith in order to make." "I personally feel that this project is a great body of work, we wanted to give hip hop fans a raw feel. Nickelz really came thru on the boards with this one. We sat down with a goal and accomplished it 100%" says the NJ emcee as he thinks about everything that went into putting this together. "The thing that will freak some people out is the fact that me and Kese have never meet in person or talked on the phone. This project was all done through IMs and chats, combined with a love for the music. This project is the perfect example of how technology has made it easy for people from different areas to come together for something" say the fledgling producer, "But this project also makes me proud because its made in the image of Hip hop that I remember from when I was growing up." But you don't have to take these two's word for it. download "The Mighty Flow young" and decided for yourself just what feelings you get when you push play.


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