Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kese Soprano interview with HipHopSix.Com

Exclamation INTERVIEW: Kese Soprano

OK, so it's been a while since our last quickfire and we're always on the lookout for all that's heated - step forth East Coast underground leader Kese Soprano... already locked down half the net, you know SiX had to find out what's up!

SiX: First off, let our readers know what's up - what's with the name dude - tell us the story?

Kese: My first name is Marquis, my grandmother always called me Kese so it kind of stuck with me forever. Soprano sort of came from chorus class back in the day.

SiX: So you're out of Jersey - how's that feel right now - what's the scene like since the days of big hitters like Naughty By Nature were running hiphop.. Jersey still got that fire, right?

Of course Jersey definitely still got that fire. Bunch of hungry lyricists out here.
__________________________________ passion definetly came around the time of Illmatic

SiX: What kinda time did you enter the game and what did you hear that brought you into the fold.. what song sparked your passion for HipHop?

I started recordins around 01, that's when I felt like this was something that was meant for me, my passion definitely came around the time Illmatic, Ready To Die, Enter the 36 Chambers and Doggystyle came out but I would have to say the song that sparked me was M.E.T.H.O.D. Man. I grew up a big Wu-Tang head.

SiX: OK, you also produce - how's that Kanye balancing act coming along for you - a lot of artists can't play both sides the field like that but you seem to be able to juggle..?

Yeah it's not easy but I love it, having a producers state of mind makes me study and appreciate music so much more.

SiX: What kinda gear you producing with - tell our readers about the studio setup?

I'm working with Pro Tools and mainly Reason 3 on the beat making side.

Sometimes I don't sleep, I just stay up writing...

SiX: Now it needs to be made clear that you're kinda big online - you got MySpace and that closed garden SOHH locked down - not a lot of artists can boast a profile like that - tell us, what level's you workin on? How hard you hustling?

I most certainly push myself to the limit, promoting myself and networking with other MC's, producers, fans. I try and give everyone something they can enjoy, and hope they tell a friend who Kese Soprano is.

SiX: How'd you feel the online revolution has shaped the way artists get on in this game.. the piracy, the torrents, the mass exposure - like it can be both a blessing and curse right? What's your feelings on it?

Yeah online makes it almost fair game, if you promote yourself hard you will be heard. that's the blessing. The hard part is setting yourself aside from everyone else with the same goal! the curse is that there are so many people making music some people write you off before you even send them a link or a webpage. You have to make the listeners feel special about having your product.

SiX: Now, you recently lost someone close to you and that inspired your writing – tell us about that… how did it affect you?

It affected me big time, how I view life in general.Sometimes I don't even sleep, I just stay up writing. On the writing side it opened my mind a bit. I put my heart and every thought in every line even more so now so whatever I am feeling will make it's way on to the page.

SiX: So tell us - what's next for you now - you're getting name dropped by some established people and you locking down the internet, what's that next step for Kese Soprano?

Well right now I got that Putting The Game On Life Support mixtape droppin' real soon with DJ Me$$iah and DJ Shortkidd, so look out for that on

SiX: Well thanks for the quickfire and give us those links so our readers can check you out..!

Check me out at coming real soon

SiX: Any last shoutouts!??

Yeah I would like to say shout out to HipHopSix for the love Lady Luck, Skullz, Nyce Hoffa, Psycho, Cash & Khaled, DJ Shortkidd, Kurrent,DJ Me$$iah, Doc J, T'anne and the rest of, and Beat Club

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